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Here at CrossComm, we regularly come across opportunities to experiment with upcoming technologies, create interesting proof-of-concepts, and explore different internal product ideas. The following is a collection of such experiments; feel free to reach out if you want to start conversation about anything we are working on!

  • » Virtual Reality (HTC Vive)
  • » Mixed Reality (Microsoft Hololens)
  • » Augmented Reality (Vuforia SDK)
  • » Serverless Architecture
  • » React Native/React VR

Using Augmented Reality to get the "Harry Potter Book" effect

Augmented Reality can make magic happen. This lab experiment overlays video on top of still images within a 3D space, creating the same visual effect seen in the "Harry Potter" movies where still photos come to life.

We think this technique could be used to great effect within the context of museums, storefront advertising, amusement parks and entertainment venues- anywhere where visual content has a story to tell. And while impressive on a smartphone, we believe this effect will really shine when paired with wearable AR devices like smartglasses and headsets.

  • AR
  • Augmented Reality
  • Harry Potter
  • Visual Effects

See this effect in action with our YouTube demo video.

Understanding Mixed Reality with Bouncing Balls

We created a simple demo app that demonstrates how Mixed Reality goes one step further beyond Augmented Reality to create computer generated holograms that interact seamlessly with one's physical space.

  • Mixed Reality
  • MR
  • Augmented Reality
  • AR
  • HoloLens

See Mixed Reality in action with our YouTube demo video.