Forbes: 30-Under-30

A national award winning private social networking app for the Under30 list members


Building a World Class App under a Tight Timeline

Forbes Nominates thousands of young women and men each year to be honored on their “30 Under 30” list. In 2015, Forbes decided that these exceptional people deserve an exceptional social network just for them. Forbes selected CrossComm to develop the iOS version of Under30 social network to be launched at the 2015 30 Under 30 Conference.

  • » Highly polished user experience
  • » Seamless integration with in house back end
  • » Ability to meet a firm, tight deadline
  • » Research 3rd party libraries
  • » Design consulting/feasibility in given project constraints
  • » Transition to internal Forbes team
  • » Perform under pressure (users)
  • » Implementation of integrated analytics
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It’s very difficult to find a team with advance skills and willing to work in a flexible environments with moving targets- CrossComm delivered on both.

Salah Zalatimo - Head of Forbes Mobile, Forbes

User Experience & API Consulting

The first step was reviewing the high level product roadmap, wireframes, and API schedule for the product. We used this information to distill an actionable series of tasks to accomplish Forbes's goals for the iOS component.

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Analytics & 3rd Party Integration

We used powerful analytics tools to dissect and understand beta usage of the app. Empowered by this data we made key adjustments, providing the most highly polished user experience possible.

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Managing Expectations and Delivering During Tight Timelines

Efficiency and transparency were essential in giving Forbes the confidence that Under30 iOS would meet their high standards and their deadline. To reach this end CrossComm provided weekly progress reports, charted in the graph below.

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Victory without a Hitch

The Under30 app launched on time at the 2015 Under 30 Conference. Attendees immediately began utilizing the app's many features to share and comment on media, connect and schedule meet-ups with other participants, and receive real-time updates to the conference agenda. The app sees continued use by conference attendees, and was awarded the 2015 Best Media Mobile Application by the Web Marketing Association.

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The Forbes 30-Under-30 app in the iTunes App Store