Medfusion: Apple Watch App

Designing and developing one of the first Apple Watch apps with HealthKit integration


Capitalizing on Conference Season

Medfusion had an ambitious vision to create an app that would allow patients and caregivers to aggregate healthcare data from multiple providers onto a mobile app within seconds. The team at Medfusion was actively developing the iPhone app but also wanted to capitalize on the wearables market and selected CrossComm to develop the complimentary Apple Watch app.

  • » Emerging technologies consulting
  • » HealthKit integration
  • » Partner to join their existing team
  • » Complete by conference date
  • » In-person design consulting
  • » Rapid adoption
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What I was hoping for was someone that could deliver on a tight timeline, and what it ended up being...was much more than that. CrossComm changed the way I actually view the potential opportunity for a partner like themselves.

Chris Fierer - Director of Innovation, Medfusion

Finding a Partner to Collaborate with Internal Medfusion Team

Medfusion needed a partner that could deliver on a tight timeline, collaborate with their internal team in parallel, and take advantage of an emerging technology opportunity.

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Emerging Technology Opportunity

Emerging Technology Opportunity The first step in our partnership with the client was understanding their existing iPhone app and the purpose of the new product. The teams then began to collaborate on appropriate user experiences on the Apple Watch and opportunities to leverage the recently announced HealthKit.

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watchOS and HealthKit integration

We needed to hit deadlines in order for Medfusion to present at their conferences. In order to accomplish this, the design and development process started before the Apple Watch was officially released. This required advanced research and agile work from the CrossComm and Medfusion teams to create a cutting edge app that would leverage the new watch form factor. We integrated the brand new Health Kit sdk, implemented appropriate glances and notifications, and completed development and testing through the new watchOS simulator.

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An Emerging Tech Solution Just In Time

The app was unveiled at the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit and is now available as a free app to consumers to simply your family's healthcare. It is being used across the country for patients accessing their latest lab results, medications, immunizations, future appointments, and other helpful notifications.

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CrossComm immediately contributed their expertise with Apple Watch development and HealthKit integration work for our product launch. They were the agile partner we needed to achieve our aggressive deadline.

Chris Fierer - Director of Innovation, Medfusion