Reveal: Beacon SDK

Building a polished SDK for the developer community with location-based mobile audience data


Crafting a refined, well-documented and powerful SDK

Reveal Mobile is the world's first beacon-powered audience database. Their existing SDK was functional, but in order to meet their true potential they needed a full-featured, highly-polished SDK.

  • » Move from prototype to production ready SDKs
  • » Establish a deployment cycle
  • » SDK expertise and best practice feedback
  • » Beacon expertise
  • » Extensibility


Number of Daily Events

Reveal tracks millions of events daily.



Mutual Interviews & QA

Reveal interviewed a number of developers in order to find the perfect fit, a studio that ‘got them’. Having integrated with countless SDKs and experience working with beacon technology, we were not just a potential developer but their target audience. Our experience provided the insight to ask the pointed, insightful questions that won us Reveal’s business.

We were looking for a partner that worked with cutting edge mobile technologies that required a lot of research and learning to build a polished product. It was evident after speaking with the CrossComm team that they were the right partner

Andy Schrader - CPO, Reveal Mobile

Documentation Review and SDK Consulting

The first step in our partnership was to perform a thorough audit of Reveal's existing code and documentation. We needed to learn what makes Reveal tick in order to develop their SDK into feature-rich, comprehensively-documented libraries that would be respected by the development community, reflecting positively on the Reveal Mobile brand.

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Refining and Enhancing an SDK

We began our development engagement and production process with 4 immediate goals to provide the development community and their target market with the tools they needed to be successful:

1. Create Documentation with a quick start guide, function, debug, FAQs, and integration steps

2. SDK development priorities including service call integrations and enhanced beacon scanning

3. Deployment to Cocoapods and Maven Central with testing

4. Provide product roadmap consulting

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Scaling Beacon Support

Reveal's vision is massive, and they need an SDK that can support their ambition. With CrossComm's help, Reveal currently tracks over 12,000,000 daily events accross over, 80,000 beacons, with their SDK integrated in more than 400 apps.


Expertise and Flexibility Helped Launch Industry Standard SDKs

The end deliverable for the project included thoroughly documented and highly polished SDKs for both iOS and Android. Today Reveal Mobile is the the largest source of 1st party beacon data, with their SDKs deployed in over 400 production applications.


Number of Monthly Active Users

There are lots of daily unique devices.



Beacons Detected

Beacon Bumps are these things where a beacon gets bumped.




The Reveal SDK is integrated in lots of apps